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The NRG Sbloccante Multiuso is ideal for thousand occasions of use, for industry, for car repair, for house, for garden, for sports, for boating, from work to do it yourself. Polyfunctional mixture of mineral and vegetable oils, antioxidants, organic acids and special additives dissolved in aliphatic solvent with a high power of "wettablility" of penetration, of unlocking and consequent lubrication of the treated parts.


Functions : 

  • Lubrication : Its special formulation allows the product excellent anti-fatigue and anti-wear properties
  • Unlocking : It has a strong wetting agent ability that allows the product to penetrate into the rust texture, softening and disrupt the rust, thanks to its high capillarity and low surface tension.
  • Anti-Oxidant / Protective : It creates a protective layer strongly anchored to the metal, which stops and prevents the formation of rust and oxides, preserves the metal from corroding for a long period of time.
  • Hydrorepelling : It removes moisture, prevents the leakage current, restores electrical conductivity.
  • Deoxidizer / Cleaner: It removes grease, tar, combustion residues. It does not contain chlorinated solvents and propellents harmful to the ozone layer.
  • Injectors Unlock: Thanks to its special forumulation it is indicated for unlocking car injectors.
  • Use: Spray the product directly on the interested parts. Leave act for a few seconds and proceed with the interested action.



NRG Multi-Purpose Spray

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