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NRG Pro Lube is based on paraffnic extracts in aliphatic solution. Resistant to high temperatures. It can be used in rolling bearings and plain up to an operating temperature of over 200°C. It distinguishes itself for the effective wear protection and has, thanks to special EP additives m a high load capacity, a high load capacity. It has a very good adhesive power and water resistance in the presence of both static and dynamic stresses. It is stable to oxidation, resistant to aging and it protects againsts corrosion. The solid lubricant shares in this product offer additional safety thanks to emergency lubricating properties. 


Lubricant spray in aliphatic solution.

Special lubricant for rolling bearings, impact and / or under thhe influence of aggressive fluids or detergents. Suitable for electric motors, pumps and fans. It is also for suitable for coupling steel. In mixed friction conditions reduces friction and temperature. The high performance during extreme demands make it a lubricant for various uses in the Steel Industry, Basic Industry and Construction.




NRG Pro Lube

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