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Applications : 

•Removal of adhesive residues, tar and labels.

•Able to clean up and flush away dirt, grease, oil, silicone, grime and most non-curing adhesive films, or similar substances.

•Can be used for surface preparation prior to the use of adhesives.


For Use On : 

Concrete, brick, plastic parts, glass, plaster, stone, wood, metal and related surfaces.


Direction For Use : 

1.Provide ventilation in workplace.

2.Clean and dry area before applications.

3.If required, mask area that shouldn’t be coated.

4.Shake CAN well before use.

5.Turn spray tip so arrow points to dot on rim. (DO NOT point spray tip to yourself or others)

6.Apply generous coating to the surface and wait for few minutes.

7.Remove adhesive residue with a scraper, squeegee or cloth.

8.Repeat process of 6 and 7 until the adhesive is fully remove.


Features & Benefits : 

•Allow easy cleaning and removing of adhesives residue

•Rapid acting within few minutes

•Able to remove most of the adhesive tapes

•Works on a wide range of surfaces and materials

•No unpleasant fumes

•Convenient and excellent spray control

•Evaporates without leaving residues

•Free from silicone


Storage & Shelf Life

The product is classified as flammable and must be stored in an appropriate manner in compliance with relevant regulations. DO NO store near oxidizing agents or combustible materials. In Countries where high heat and humidity are a factor, special pre-cautions must be taken. Store product in a covered, well ventilated warehouse and avoid excess heat conditions.


Precautions : 

•KEEP AWAY from heat, sparks, open flame or other ignition sources.

•AVOID inhalation of spray mist or vapours.

•AVOID contact with eye and skin.

•DO NOT smoke while using product.

•DO NOT use product in confined space.

•DO NOT puncture/incinerate container.

•DO NOT store at temperatures ABOVE 120°F.

QS 1 Adhesive Remover

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