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2 commonly supplied models, QS2911 & 2284, both Silicone Adhesive, Chemical resistant backing, Clean removal and Temperature resistant. Mostly for Masking , to undergo a Metal Finishing process, like Electro- Plating, Hard Chrome Plating, also used for Splicing of film.


Suitable for: Plating Industry



  • 2911 is specially designed for powder coating, e-coating and anodizing.
  • Clean removal with no adhesive residue.
  • High temperature resistance.
  • Smooth clean edge for color separation.


Specifications : 

Color : Green

Width : 1 Inch / 2 Inch / 10mm

Length : 66m

QS 2911 Polyester Silicone Tape

Color: Green
  • For customization please contact our company at 6252 1955.

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