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QS 5 Stainless Steel Polish & Cleaner


Application : 

•A ready-to-use cleaner and polish packaged in an aerosol container.

•Cleans, polishes, brightens and protects stainless steel and other metal surfaces, such as chrome and aluminum.

•This product dispenses as a white, non evaporating foam.


For use On : 

Applicable on stainless steel, chrome, architectual aluminum, and other interior metal surface.


Direction Of Use : 

Light Soil

1.Shake CAN well before use.

2.Turn spray tip so arrow points to dot on rim. (DO NOT point spray tip to yourself or others)

4. Hold can upright 6-12 inches from surface

5. Spray area lightly directly on surface or on a clean dry cloth.

6. Wipe area and polish until dry


Heavy Soil

1.Spray onto a light duty scrubbing pad or sponge.

2.Vigorously rub the surface to remove the heavy soil. Always rub in the direction of the grain.

4. Wipe surface with a clean, dry cloth to remove excess cleaner.

5. Using a dry cloth, buff in the direction of the grain to achieve the maximum of shine.


Features & Benefits : 

•Cleans and polishes surface with no residue

•Leaves no greasy build-up on surfaces

•Leaves a light protective film

•Resists fingerprints, water marks, corrosion and rusting

•Keeps chrome and stainless steel stain and streak free

•Convenient and excellent spray control


Storage & Shelf Life

The product is classified as flammable and must be stored in an appropriate manner in compliance with relevant regulations. DO NO store near oxidizing agents or combustible materials. In Countries where high heat and humidity are a factor, special pre-cautions must be taken. Store product in a covered, well ventilated warehouse and avoid excess heat conditions.


Suggested First Aid : 


•Eye Contact

•Flush eyes with plenty of water.

•Skin Contact

•Wash the contacted skin with water and soup.


•DO NOT induce vomiting, drink two glasses water.


•Move to an open place for fresh air.



QS 5 Stainless Steel

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