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Non structural Re-closeable fasteners, tiny Nylon hooks mate with dense Nylon strands loop. The inter locking action is resulted from the entanglement of the hooks with the densely packed Nylon strands. The underside of both material

Is coated with Adhesive, there is also the Plain back version, without adhesive.



  • When closing, tiny, stiff hooks on one side of the fastener mesh with pliable loops on the other. For opening, simply peel one side away.
  • Washable for sewing on application, UV resistant to prevent discoloration.
  • Available in adhesive-backed or plain-back version.


  • Applications:
  • Medium duty mounting
  • Holding
  • Reclosable fastening
  • Common application


Specifications : 

Colours: White / Black

Width : 25mm / 50mm / 100mm

Length : 25m

QS Hook w/Rubber Adhesive (Box)

  • For customization please contact our company at 6252 1955.

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