Anti-Slip Tapes

What Is Anti-Slip Tape?

This is a Floor Safety Stick-On Product. To prevent Slip and Fall.


General Purpose : 

Use with Foot wear traffic, Conformable type, normally on metal checker platform or steps, all uneven flooring surface, footwear traffic. And Fine Resilient Version are good for Bare foot usage area, like Swimming pool walkways, Jacuzzi pool, steps, bath tubs, bathrooms flooring and etc.


  • Stairs

  • Loading ramps

  • Ladders

  • Platforms

  • Irregular surfaces

QS 13502B Conformable Anti-Slip Tape.jpg

QS 13502B Conformable Anti-Slip Tape

General Purpose Anti- Slip Tape, Black & Yellow.jpg
QS 13203B Fine Resilient Anti-Slip Tape.jpg
General Purpose Anti- Slip Tape - Flurescent Yellow.jpg
General Purpose Anti- Slip Tape - Black, Green, Red, White, Blue.jpg
General Purpose Anti- Slip Tape - Luminous.jpg
General Purpose Anti- Slip Tape - Yellow.jpg