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AFTC 5310 Clear Acrylic Tapes

  • Perfect solution of sticking transparent wares without disturbing their looks.
  • Clear yet tough double sided tape which works perfectly indoor and outdoor.
  • The AFTC Tape is renowned for its whole range of Automotive Manufacturing Tapes, and it is already used in many European Automotive Makers, like BMW, Volkswagen, FIAT, SEAT, AUDI, Mercedes etc
  • The construction of these Acrylic foam Tapes is to replace conventional fasteners like, Screws, Bolt & Nuts , Welding, Rivets  etc



  • For flat and smooth transparent surfaces.
  • Indoor & outdoor.


  • Very high transparency
  • Excellent for bonding of glass and clear plastics
  • No stress corrosion


Specifications : 

Color : Transparent

Width : 19mm

Length : 1.5m

AFTC 5310 Silvertape Transparent

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