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QS 7 Spray Adhesive Multi-Purpose



Labeling, bonding, attaching, adhering, fastening, securing, tacking, mounting, sticking, holding and etc.


For Use On : 

Cardboard, fabric, felt, foam, foil, glass, label, leather, metal, paper, plaster, plastic, rubber, wood and etc.


Direction For Use : 


1.Provide ventilation in workplace.

2.Clean and dry area before applications.

3.If required, mask area that shouldn’t be coated

4.Shake CAN well before use

5.Turn spray tip so arrow points to dot on rim. (DO NOT point spray tip to yourself or others)

Temporary Bonds: Spray to ONE surface with light coated. After 30 seconds, join surfaces together.

Permanent Bonds: Spray to BOTH surfaces, with medium coated.

After 1 to 10 minutes join surfaces to gether.


Clean Up : 

Turn can upside down and spray for two seconds to clear valve.

(Prevents clogging up of spray can)

2. If dried in valve opening, remove degreasing solvent or replace actuator tip.

3. To unclog tip or remove overspray, use Adhesive Remover.


Features & Benefits : 

•High solids allows for fast tacking and high bonds strength

•Extremely strong, flexible and resists water

•Available for multiple surfaces

•Long bonding range

•Fast and easy application

•Convenient and excellent spray control


Storage And Shelf Life : 

The product is classified as flammable and must be stored in an appropriate manner in compliance with relevant regulations. DO NO store near oxidizing agents or combustible materials. In Countries where high heat and humidity are a factor, special pre-cautions must be taken. Store product in a covered, well ventilated warehouse and avoid excess heat conditions.


Suggested First Aid : 


•Eye Contact

•Flush eyes with plenty of water.

•Skin Contact

•Wash the contacted skin with water and soup.


•DO NOT induce vomiting, drink two glasses water.


•Move to an open place for fresh air.


QS 7 Spray Adhesive

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